What is AFSNR.ORG?
We are the official registry of stage names and profiles for the adult film industry. Porn actors and actresses entering the adult film industry register with our database locking in their stage name with the AFSNR.ORG directory for pornstars.

What are the benefits of registering?

When you register with AFSNR.ORG, your taking the first step to entering the adult film industry. Before you can start accepting adult work, you need to register with us to create your brand just as any company today needs a name to do business. Many of the top producers and adult film companies will only hire new males and females that have a AFSNR.ORG license number, ensuring they are truly a real pornstar accepting xxx work.

Do Males & Females need to register a Stage Name?
Yes! Both genders can register as more and more males are entering the adult business than ever. This is each performers brand and their name needs to be protected while your working.

What is a "Stage Name"?
A Stage Name is the name assigned to every pornstar in the industry today. It is your brand, your identity of every porn actor and actress. When you register with AFSNR.ORG, you create this stage name for yourself instead of using your natural birth name.

How do I check if a stage name is available or not?
You can search HERE

How much does it cost to register?
We charge just $2.95 for a trial then $49.95 monthly to register and maintain your stage name. Once registered, your name is licensed and cannot be used by any other adult performer.

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